Neglected But Not Forgotten

I know I promised a proper recap blog months ago, but honestly I have not had the time. Life has been insane. I know I say that a lot but truly, I am not exaggerating this time. Here is how the Fall went…

School started the first week of September – School was WAY more time consuming then I anticipated. (Because why on earth would I assume that combining a 3 year program into 1 year would be excessive?)

Working – still working 24 hours, 2 – 12 hour overnights, every weekend.

October 4th – we closed on our first house : )

October 10th – My first “day off” since September 6th. We moved into our new house.

October 15, 16, 17 – Rhinebeck weekend and the end of my yarn fast!!!!! We had an AMAZING time and it was a much needed, if short, vacation.

November 27th – My last night of work. I just could not keep up with work and school together anymore. It was driving me into the ground.

November 30th – I met my bestest imaginary twin, Kathleen, for the first time in person, after knowing each other for 5 years. And I got to meet her amazing daughter Lyric.

December 16th – The semester was officially over and I was on Winter Break.


Since the 16th I have been cleaning, shopping, reading, crafting, knitting, visiting, sleeping, unpacking, decorating, baking, cooking, hiking, gaming, and making lots and lots of plans! One of my biggest plans has to do with blogging so look for that update soon. 

This was just a quick update, but hopefully it explained my absence. 

More to come soon… I promise!!! : P





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