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Unicorn Restyle (& I am, yet again, a terrible blogger.)

I need to write like 5 blogs, about various, very exciting things. And I will, but I can’t right now, so here is a quick post about a very simple restyle of a thrift store find : )

There is an amazing little country thrift store in Hartington, Ontario where everything is $5.00 for a garbage bag full. Today my husband and I managed to fill half a bag, that’s $2.50. I got an adorable and very useful teal canvas raincoat, a purse, some sandals, a book about gnomes for a special little boy and Phill got some old records. I also grabbed this…

Sticker said "Silver Plated, Made in China."

All unicorns have potential, even tarnished ones : ) So I grabbed my trusty spray paint and 2 coats of black and 1 coat of clear gloss later, our noble beast is so chic he can hardly stand it.

I love the enamel look of how this turned out.

This basically took about 10 minutes, including drying time and cost an estimated .50 cents. I think the clear gloss really gave it that extra boost to make it look like enamel. Now I need to go buy more stud earrings so he can have an abundance of bling!


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