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The Little Things: Promises To Keep

I was so excited when this book came out in trade paper back. (Previously it was only done in a HC limited edition and had to be purchased from the publisher.) And then when I bought it I was so excited to read it! But I waited for awhile because I wanted to savour it. Now I only have about 30 pages left and I am already mourning the loss. I love Charles De Lint and everything he writes but, oh man, do I ever love it when he writes about Jilly Coppercorn. I am already sad and I haven’t even finished it yet. I would read nothing but Jilly books if there were enough of them. I can’t wait to get our house so I can unpack all of my books and reread my De Lint books. I miss them. 

So I will finish this today and move on, begrudgingly. (And soon I will update about all the things that have been keeping me too busy to blog, like house hunting (YAY!), camping, visiting with friends and all kinds of other excuses.)


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