The Little Things: Seven Days of Yoga

Seven days ago I began a 40 day yoga challenge at Feel Yoga here in Kingston. Today I completed 7 days of yoga. I did 5 Bikram classes, 1 Ashtanga class and 1 Yin class. Bikram was the first yoga I ever tried and I have been hooked on it since. I tried both Ashtanga and Yin for the first time this week. I was personally not very fond of the Ashtanga. I found it was very hard on my ankles and wrists and I really missed the hot room. Yin yoga on the other hand I LOVED! I felt so stretched out and flexible afterwards. Happy and clear as well, which I attribute to the lovely, bubbly yet mellow instructor, Bonita. I am really proud of myself for completing my first 7 days, and I am looking very forward to completing my next 7.

I can feel my muscles getting stronger… let alone getting stronger, I can actually feel that they are there! I can see changes in my body, and the roundness coming out already. I love the instant motivation that doing Bikram gives me. When I can see and feel results on day one, it makes me want to go every day. I also have far more energy then I usually do and have been feeling much more positive. (Something I am also working on.) Other changes that have come along naturally with all this is being more conscious of what I eat and when. (I am terrible for not eating until about 3:00 p.m.)

All and all, this experience has been great so far. It is most definitely the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.

PS ~ I lost 5 pounds this week!


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