Kittenpocalypse 2011

Meet our new babies!!!


Sorry, this is the best picture of them together so far.

Phill and I would like to welcome two brother baby boys to the family. Big Hoss and Toki. They are 4 month old Maine Coon kittens that we adopted from the Kingston Humane Society.

We had planned on not getting anymore cats/animals until we got our house, but, we are also big believers in “when you know, you just know” and as soon as we saw these two, we just knew that they were supposed to be ours. We spent an hour with them at the shelter. Phill tried to be reasonable and listed reasons why we shouldn’t/couldn’t get them (at the same time as cradling Toki under his chin and kissing his head.) We just knew they were ours. They remind us of our sweet departed cats Nugga and Freyr so much, in little ways. Hoss has a foxy face like Freyr and they are Maine Coons and coloured like Nugga… I know they are not them, but I enjoy the reminders of them that these two give me.

Freyr aka "The Cake" passed away suddenly, Feb. 4th, 2010 after only 5 short months of bringing love and nose bites to our family.

Einstein aka "The Nugga" passed away August 13th, 2009, after 10 wonderful years unconditional love and affection.

Toki and Hoss were feral cats from a rural area near Arden. They were fostered for 2 months so that they could be socialized. Coincidentally, the day we went to pick them up, their foster parents were at the shelter. They were a wonderful older British couple and they both cried when they heard we had adopted them as a pair.

We know from experience that Sneed (our 6 year old Maine Coon/Tabby) can be a bully and very territorial with other cats so we are doing the slow intro technique with the kittens. They live in the bathroom right now (which they don’t seem to mind at all) and we will bring them out into the main areas of the house for short periods of time each day, getting longer each week, until Sneed is used to them. The idea is to make Sneed interested in the kittens and used to them so that eventually he wants to interact with them and not have them shut away from him. So far, so good! He smells at them through the door and today when we had them on our bed he didn’t even hiss at them.

Hoss and Toki are very sweet and very affectionate. They have huge purrs and quirky personalities. Oh and did I mention that they are HUGE? Especially Big Hoss, he is practically the size of a full grown cat. We think Toki may have been the runt of the litter, as he is quite a bit smaller then Hoss, even though he is still pretty big. Today they met Veela, who is a two year old human kitten and they were wonderful with her, especially Big Hoss. No scratching, no biting, she even got some kisses.

Big Hoss and Veela cuddeling

They are so wonderful and are bringing us so much joy already. My birthday is tomorrow, and even though they were not a birthday present, they feel like a true gift. So, with out further ado, I give you, Big Hoss and Toki Thompson or if you will Kittenpocalypse 2011.

As you can see, they are still a tiny bit timid if you move too quickly and also when they hear loud noises. But, considering that 4 months ago you couldn’t lay hands on them, I think they are doing pretty good.

Big Hoss looking handsome

Lil' Toki

Toki has a bit of a nutty streak

They love playing with bean mice.

Toki really likes the bathmat

Hoss in the temporary bed I made for them. (Which was pointless because he is already too big for it.)

And just because it is the most adorable thing ever, Veela, Hoss and Toki star in “Happiness is, an armload of kittens.”


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  1. 1

    Kasandra (from MM) said,

    What adorable furbabies!!! They look incredibly soft and sweet and the photograph beautifully! Congratulations on your new additions to the family!

  2. 2

    rilana said,

    Oh, pretty new kitties. I love them. I adore Maine Coons. One of my three cats is a Maine Coon mix. She has the biggest purr ever. She’s very emotional too.

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