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Give up your yarn habit, give it up Daddy-O…

Hi. My name is Christie and I am a yarn addict.


I am officially on a no yarn buying contract as of last week. (There isn’t really a contract, I just need to not buy any yarn.) My yarn trunk is full. Very full. I have to sit on it to get the lid to close. And the large basket sitting on top of it is also full. According to my Ravelry stash, I have 101 different types of yarn stashed. (That is just the different types of yarn, not the number of balls I have.) Also, I have not inputted everything I have into Ravelry. And I know, I know, some people have stashes that fill multiple rooms, and sure someday that will be me too, but for now my trunk will have to do. And its full, so, no more yarn for me.

So, in order to be able resume my yarn buying habits, I need to knit. Now, I knit pretty steadily, but I often use a new project as an excuse to buy yarn as well. From now on I will only be knitting from my stash and I am going to try to knit purposefully. That is, I am going to make a list of things I want to knit, find the yarn that I can do this with in my stash and knit it.

Currently I am finishing up a hat for myself, a FAR overdue birthday present, and a sweater that I am being lazy about. After all of that loose end (ha ha) knitting is complete, I am moving on to a few project for other people. There has been a “Pay It Forward” trend in my craftier friends as of late, and I have been hesitant to throw my name into the mix (this is 100% due to not wanting to commit to paying postage. Lame I know, but seriously, I can’t afford it.) So, this is my “Destash and Pay It Forward” project. I am going to randomly make people things and when I give/send it to them I will include a little note card about the act of PIFing.  I also think this will be fun because these gifts will be a surprise for the recipients.

So, here are some pictures from my stash. You never know, you just might be on the receiving end of some knitted yarny goodness in the months to come : )


I announced my "yarn diet" on Wednesday at one of my knitting groups and was enabled, I mean gifted with 8 balls of this beautiful merino from Korea, by Marie (amigurumikr)

Mmmmmmm purple


No one is getting this one, its mine! : )

Hacho is one of my favs that is sadly discontinued now : (

Soooo soft!

So pretty and delicate.

And for those of you with Ravelry, here my stash on there.


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Another list, for another year. (Also, last years list re-cap.)

So, each year I make a list of 10 things I want to do/accomplish in the year to come. I don’t like to think of these as resolutions, but more as goals and achievements. Last years list went pretty well:


1. Swim with sea turtles

2. Knit a sweater

3. Read all of the Charles De Lint Newford books (I did not complete this, BUT, it is far in part to the fact that my books are packed away until we get the house)

4. Camp whenever possible this summer (We had 3 great camps this year. That is about average for us.)

5. Go hiking on weekends when we can’t camp this summer (We didn’t do this once. We did do some bike rides at the conservation area, but no hiking. Fail.)

6. Visit home more often (We live there now!)

7. Save money for a house (We have our down payment, but are continuing to save more)

8. Learn to spin (Didn’t get to it this year.)

9. Get rid of all the junk I don’t need (We made $280 at our yard sale and donated the rest to the CP Foundation.)

10. Eat more pie (We seriously ate more pie this year.)

So, now on to this years list!


1. Learn to spin my own yarn.

2. Read all of the Charles De Lint  Newford series.

3. Do more hiking.

4. Buy our dream house.

5. Not let the actions of others control my happiness.

6. Can serious amounts of food from our own garden/further develop my canning skills.

7. Knit a pair of socks.

8. Get back into Bikram, twice a week minimum/get in shape.

9. Adopt an animal from NWT SPCA. (inspired by Nicholle <3)

10. Spend as much quality time as possible with my husband.

2010 was a strange year full of huge changes and big decisions. It has been both good and bad, most definitely busy and I learned a lot. I am very excited for the things coming up in 2011. Most of these things will start when I get back to work, something that, hopefully, will be happening in the next few months.

I wish everyone a great year ahead!

May 2011 be full of love and positive things!

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