Short hair for a long haired girl

I have only had short hair once ever in my life and I hated it. Now, that being said, it was a bad hair cut. But lately a few people I know have gotten these amazing looking short cuts done to their previously long hair and I have been really into them. Its got me thinking and looking and considering.

I am getting my hair cut after christmas, so, its something to consider. Now, that being said, I would never go shorter then my shoulders. I know, wimp, but I think I would freak out and feel really awful with short-short hair. My hair has always been long. Like REALLY long.

Exhibit A: High school Prom photo (1997)

Exhibit B: College Grad photo (that’s my gay boyfriend Andrew with me) (2002)

Exhibit C. The growing out stages of the aforementioned bad short haircut. (2004)

Exhibit D. February 2007

Exhibit E. Crap-tastic picture of me before my super-awesome-i-got-bangs hair cut in (April 2010)

(Wow, that was a photo record of weight gain, lovely!)

My experience with Lora at Fringe in TO was soooooo amazing and she gave me the bangs I always wanted, bless her and it has made be a little hair-brave I think. So, I submit for your opinions, my shorter hairstyle considerations.

I like this one the best.

But with bangs. (No way I am giving them up!)

This is more the length I am looking for.

Or, more the length of Mary Heather’s hair  and style in this one. (Although now that I previewed this post, MH and I have REALLY similar hair already, so maybe this is too much of a safe bet.)

What do you think? I know my MM ladies love a hair post, so give it to me!

And for reference, here is a sort-of current pic of me, it was taken in October, my hair pretty much looks the same except for being desperate for some highlights.


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    JennaKate said,

    Great idea! I do love your bangs, and am glad you’re keeping them. The pic of the girl with black hair is the SAME ONE I bring in when I get my hair cut! I added you on FB via your Ravelry link, so you can look at my hair-pictures if you like. Post pictures of your cut, please!

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