Sorry, sorry, sorry

Yeah, I have no excuse except laziness and being busy. Lame. Anyhow, I am two months behind so I am going to do a quick picture rundown of October and November!

I finished knitting my first sweater!!

I am not as thrilled with it as I could be BUT it was a very informative learning experience and I am now about half way done my second cardi and I think I will like it much better.

Phill and I went apple picking at Spring Meadows and this led me too way more forays into canning; vanilla apple butter, chai apple sauce, lemon-thyme apple butter (Phill’s) and I even made some dill pickles! (The dill pickles are to freaking die for. I call the “For-Serious Dill Pickles”.)

Halloween came and went in a blur. I won two costume awards. (Even though I am not thrilled with any of the pictures of me from Halloween this year, this one with my awards isn’t so bad.)

November has been a blur! We made a quick trip to Toronto to see ROH and I of course made a trip to Romni for some yarn therapy. And I met Mark Brisco! (This is only going to be a big deal to me.)

I have also been having some great luck at the thrift stores. My vintage jar collection is growing more by the day it seems.

And I found some other really great things lately.

And of course a ton of knitting has been going on. Mostly Christmas knitting, so I can’t share a lot of pics but I did take a break and make myself this lovely green thing! Called “The Limey Bastard” hat. I really like how it turned out.

Phill became a beardo for Movember. I don’t think the beard will be going anywhere soon. I actually don’t mind it so much with his long hair.

I had a job interview this week that went very well and I have another scheduled for next Wednesday so hopefully soon I will be back to work.  I have really enjoyed my time off, but I am starting to get bored and miss having extra money, so back to the grind I go! December is shaping up to be busy, busy, busy, but hopefully I will be more on the ball then I was in October and November : )


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    Chai applesauce??? Share recipe please! I MUST MAKE!

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