Jars, Jars, Beautiful Jars

So, I am a little obsessed with Crown mason jars. I want to have 500 of them and use them for everything from craft storage, to drinking glasses to actually what they are for, sealing, jamming, pickling, etc. And I just keep finding more and more every time I go thrifting! Last week an unplanned trip to Value Village landed me 15 new jars. I am starting to not have any place to store them. But I just can’t stop buying them!

One of these things is not like the others? (I didn't notice the generic replacement top when I bought them.)

I'll have a house full of them someday.

I’d like to go thrifting in the US sometime and see if I can find some of the old Ball or Strong Shoulder jars. They would be neat to have as well. But for now I will just keep on with my search for Crowns and think of all the great things I will so with them when we get our house.


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    dietplaid said,

    Ball jars are sooo pretty. I found some old blue ones while in New Hope, PA. Those crown jars are so pretty! I love the lids! I only have newer jars, but I keep looking at the thrift shops.

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