I love thrifting in Kingston!

Something that I missed on a regular basis while living in Halifax, Ottawa and Toronto was thrifting. I know you can thrift anywhere, but for some reason, Kingston just seems to be better. For such a small city Kingston has a large number of thrift stores; 2 Salvation Armies, March of Dimes, A huge Value Village, the Church Mission Thrift store and many other small places. The prices are very reasonable at thrift stores in Kingston and you can bargain at a lot of places. Since I have been a bit bored lately I have been thrifting regularly and I have remembered just how much I love it!

Today was a great thrift day. I LOVE old glass top sealers and I am always on the look out for them. Today I got 2 Crown sealers (my favorites) and one large Gem sealer.

$3.00 for a box of jars, I only took these 3 and left the other new sealers.

Found at Church Mission Thrift Store

I also got a pair of Clarks sandals and a pair of Earth Shoes for a total of $7.00.

Over the last few weeks I have had good luck with finding yarn at thrift shops. As previously posted I got the Briggs Little yarn at Sally Ann a few weeks ago but the other day I got some really beautiful angora that trumped that find. A new knitter (I am assuming by the look of the knitting) was trying to make mittens with it and then gave up half way through.

This is what the yarn looked like when I bought it.

After frogging and winding I should have enough for a nice hat.

I can’t wait until we get our house and I can start bringing home bigger stuff!


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  1. 1

    Ashley said,

    AWESOME FINDS!!! especially the yarns! I always find really bad cheap yarns and broken needles :/

  2. 3

    blindcavefish said,

    It’s funny which cities are the best to thrift in. I’ve never been to Kingston, but I found the best places in Winnipeg (not that I would ever live in Winnipeg) Calgary sucks for thrifting =(

  3. 4

    Chinsu said,

    Would love to see when you finish your knitting.

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