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Its getting closer!!!!!

Halloween is getting closer and closer!!!! I made a final decision about my costume today… but I am going to keep it a secret for a bit longer. I am really excited about my costume this year. The past two years I have had to revert to back-up costumes, and they were okay, but I am looking forward to really putting my heart into a costume this year.

I have some knitting, felting, sewing and thrifting to do for my costume, which is all part of the fun and *hint, hint* I will get to wear my Grand Nationals : )

I have no idea where we will be going for Halloween this year, but I am sure something will present itself. In the mean time I will get busy and really try and blow people away this year.

And in completely un-halloween related news I finished my “To Kiss A Frog” shawlette. I have been working on it off and on since May and it is finally finished. I can’t say enough good things about the Knit Picks Imagination Hand Painted yarn and the colourway “Frog Prince”.  It still needs a good blocking but here’s a finished picture.


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I love thrifting in Kingston!

Something that I missed on a regular basis while living in Halifax, Ottawa and Toronto was thrifting. I know you can thrift anywhere, but for some reason, Kingston just seems to be better. For such a small city Kingston has a large number of thrift stores; 2 Salvation Armies, March of Dimes, A huge Value Village, the Church Mission Thrift store and many other small places. The prices are very reasonable at thrift stores in Kingston and you can bargain at a lot of places. Since I have been a bit bored lately I have been thrifting regularly and I have remembered just how much I love it!

Today was a great thrift day. I LOVE old glass top sealers and I am always on the look out for them. Today I got 2 Crown sealers (my favorites) and one large Gem sealer.

$3.00 for a box of jars, I only took these 3 and left the other new sealers.

Found at Church Mission Thrift Store

I also got a pair of Clarks sandals and a pair of Earth Shoes for a total of $7.00.

Over the last few weeks I have had good luck with finding yarn at thrift shops. As previously posted I got the Briggs Little yarn at Sally Ann a few weeks ago but the other day I got some really beautiful angora that trumped that find. A new knitter (I am assuming by the look of the knitting) was trying to make mittens with it and then gave up half way through.

This is what the yarn looked like when I bought it.

After frogging and winding I should have enough for a nice hat.

I can’t wait until we get our house and I can start bringing home bigger stuff!

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Home again, Home again

Well, its been 27 days since our big life altering move to Kingston. The move went very smoothly, in no small part to Matt, Lara, Kye, Amanda, Dennis and Kyn, who very generously helped us pack our U-Haul. They are all extra-special good friends since we never asked any of them to help, they all offered. Can you believe that? Once we got to Kingston my Mum, Step-father and Aunt helped us with the unloading and that also went pretty quickly. Our new apartment is on the ground floor, thank Gawd, and that really helped things more faster. I am really enjoying being able to use our big red couch again. It was previously stranded on our sunporch due to being too wide for the living room door in our old place. When we moved we also tossed out our old, evil bed and have since bought a new, amazing one. (This is something we have been waiting years to be able to do.) Isn’t it pretty?

This is the world's most comfortable bed. I swear it.

We really like out new apartment. The building staff are really helpful and friendly. We finally have an air conditioner in the main living area (our old place only had giant windows or windows that didn’t open in the living room.) The space is of course smaller then we are used to but we are fine with it and most of our stuff is staying in boxes in the spare bedroom until we get a house. Another thing we love is the location. Two of my Aunt’s live across the street from us and it has been really nice being so close to them. We visit a lot and Phill has really been enjoying having a dog around to play with. (Chevy, their dog, also loves Phill so its win-win.)  Living in Kingston is still a bit weird. I sort of worry about bumping into people that I don’t really want to see. But I am sure that will dissipate once we are me settled and I am working and stuff.

Since moving we have been pretty busy. We went camping. Which was both great and horrible. The first night was awful. Drunk, crazy hicks drinking and driving and screaming and smashing and being general idiots really ruined it for us. BUT after I bitched out the park manager for the negligent lack of park warden supervision in the camp ground we got to move to a different site and got our money back for the first night. The second night was wonderful and very relaxing. Phill even got some fishing in.

He didn't catch anything, but he smiled the whole time.

We rounded out that weekend by spending the evening at the cottage with Matt and Lara and Gui and having some BBQ. It was altogether a great weekend.

On the job front it has been slim pickings for me. But I am not surprised. August is not the best hiring month for my field and this is a smaller job market then I am used to. However, there is a job that I want sooooo bad. It is practically my dream job. It’s what I want to do and be. And I am nervous as Hell about applying for it. I have been literally studying since I came across it. The application date is August 27th, so I have plenty of time to prepare but still… a job I am actually excited about? Seriously? Grrrr, pressure. (Yeah, I am not saying what it is, I don’t want to jinx it. Pfffftt.)

Phill is stag… stage… st-ah-jing, no idea how to spell that, at a place called Olivea this week. I will find out tonight when he comes home whether he took the job or not. He likes the place and actually would be working with an old friend of mine. You seriously can’t go anywhere in this city without running into someone you know… or that your wife knows, apparently.

I have been knitting a lot. As promised I started my first sweater as soon as we were settled. I am very proud of it so far. It actually looks like a sweater! I am far less intimidated about it then I was previously and I can’t wait to make more… next time though, I will make something that is NOT made out of lace yarn. Wow. It’s really slow goings sometimes. But I am hoping to finish the body this week and start on the arms on the weekend. In other knitting news I have been going to a new Stitch & Bitch here in Kingston that meets on Monday evenings, 6pm-8pm at the Indigo downtown. I am really liking it a lot. Its a great atmosphere and there is always a lot of sitting room. The ladies in the group have all been very nice and also there are many different types of crafters in the group so its fun to hear about what everyone is doing. (I still miss you WEWs : ( you are not forgotten.)

This was the first time that I tried it on for size.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love yarn and even more then that how much I love a “yarn score’. Which is of course finding yarn you like for really, really cheap. I hit a huge yarn score the other day at Salvation Army. Briggs Little 100% wool for $1.00 per skein x3! So that’s over 800 yards (more then enough to make a sweater) for $3.00. Total yarn score.

True colour is a bit more purple. Colourway is called "Grape".

Well, I think I am pretty much up to date now. I’m off to get some knitting done on my cardi and watch a movie. (I know I will miss the time once I start working again, so I have to make every second count : )

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