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I’ll update soon!

Lots has happened in the past few weeks and I promise to update soon!

But for now, here is some PS awesomesauce!

I love the nonsense that the internet provides me with.


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Just Checking in…or out…

First off, I have a few things to cross off of my “Things I want to do in 2010” list, which I originally posted in January.


1. Swim with sea turtles (Honduras in April)

2. Knit a sweater (I have the pattern picked out!)

3. Read all of the Charles De Lint Newford books (I’m getting there!)

4. Camp whenever possible this summer (First trip of the year is July 23rd!)

5. Go hiking on weekends when we can’t camp this summer

6. Visit home more often (this is taken care of by moving there)

7. Save money for a house (Half way there!)

8. Learn to spin (drop spindle most likely, a wheel is too expensive.)

9. Get rid of all the junk I don’t need (there’s a lot of it)  (We made $280 at our yard sale and donated the rest to the CP Foundation.)

10. Eat more pie (I’m trying)


I am pleased with the progress of my list so far. And I am really looking forward to crossing more off of it. I have come to realize that accomplishing #3 on the list may never fully happen. Charles De Lint has released some books that can only be purchased used now, or new from the publisher for great sums of money. I will keep trying to find copies of them but, if I only miss out on a few, I am okay with that. Here is how the list stands for me right now. Red is for “Never going to happen” and pink is for “Must buy used”, strike through is for “Own and read”. (I also own Tapping the Dream Tree and Trader, but haven’t got to read them yet.)

The Newford Series

  • The Dreaming Place (1990)
  • From a Whisper to a Scream (originally credited to “Samuel M. Key”)(1992)
  • Dreams Underfoot (1993)
  • I’ll Be Watching You (originally credited to “Samuel M. Key”)(1994)
  • Memory and Dream (1994)
  • The Ivory and the Horn (1995)
  • Trader (1997)
  • Someplace to be Flying (1998)
  • Moonlight and Vines (1999)
  • Forests of the Heart (2000)
  • The Onion Girl (2001)
  • Seven Wild Sisters (2002) (Would have to buy used, BUT it is printed in Tapping the Dream Tree)
  • Tapping the Dream Tree (2002)
  • Spirits in the Wires (2003)
  • Medicine Road (2003)
  • A Circle of Cats (2003)
  • The Blue Girl (2004)
  • The Hour Before Dawn (2005)
  • Widdershins (2006)
  • Promises to Keep (2007)
  • Old Man Crow (2007)
  • DINGO (2008)
  • The Mystery of Grace (2009)

And this is the cardi I have chosen to be my first sweater. I wear a cardi most everyday, so it is silly to me that I haven’t made on yet.  I plan to start it right after we move.

 I will be making it in Knit Picks Shadow Kettle Dyed Lace Yarn in “Grasshopper”. (Because I already have 3 skeins of it)

We do our official move on July 17th. That’s just two weeks away now. I am very excited and very nervous. I had two job interviews last monday, back to back. That was so draining I can not even explain. Now I have to play the horrible waiting game. Packing is coming along nicely, and I only have 5 more shifts of my current job left. It’s Pride weekend here in Toronto and I am looking forward to going to the parade, which I have missed for the last 2 years due to work. On Monday I’m going to see Eclipse and then next week Phill and I are going to see RUSH on Tuesday. I’m afraid to blink… it feels like this is all going to go so fast. Well, its actually okay if it does because the week after we move we are going camping! Which I have been craving for months. Right now we only booked it for 2 nights because we don’t know if we will be working or not, but we can always extend it if we are able to.

*sighs* I am really looking forward to that camping… : )

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