Top Ten Reasons Why My Husband Is Epic

1. He is the funniest person I know

2. He likes animals better then people

3. He will actually stop in mid sentence while he is being a total prick and say “I’m being a total prick. I’m sorry.”

4. He hates all the same stuff that I do.

5. He is the most predictable human being on the planet, excpet for 5 days a year. On these non-predictable days things like spontanious vacations, moving to different cities and other equally cool things happen because of him.

6. He takes care of me when I need it, but am too me to ask.

7. He fucking hates people who make me cry.

8. He shares Moo with me.

9. He never thinks anything I do or say is stupid.

10. He is the greatest Chef ever and he feeds me.

Happy Birthday my Shmo-Mo. I lovess you.


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