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Top Ten Reasons Why My Husband Is Epic

1. He is the funniest person I know

2. He likes animals better then people

3. He will actually stop in mid sentence while he is being a total prick and say “I’m being a total prick. I’m sorry.”

4. He hates all the same stuff that I do.

5. He is the most predictable human being on the planet, excpet for 5 days a year. On these non-predictable days things like spontanious vacations, moving to different cities and other equally cool things happen because of him.

6. He takes care of me when I need it, but am too me to ask.

7. He fucking hates people who make me cry.

8. He shares Moo with me.

9. He never thinks anything I do or say is stupid.

10. He is the greatest Chef ever and he feeds me.

Happy Birthday my Shmo-Mo. I lovess you.


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Vacation Withdrawal and Change of Life

So we have been back from vacation for almost a whole month. ANd we still miss Roatan terribly. We had such an amazing time. It was the best vacation ever. Roatan is the most beautiful place ever and snorkeling there is the absolute coolest thing I have ever done in my entire life. Sea turtles, I swam with a touched Sea turtles, not 20 ft off shore. I can finally check something off my “Things to do before I die” list. We also saw different types of parrot fish, angel fish, tuna, flounders, scorpion fish, eels, groupers, lobsters, craps, sea stars, helicopter fish, needles fish, barracuda, goat fish, and tons more. We will definitely go back to Roatan. In fact, I can’t really imagine us going anywhere else in the Caribbean now that we’ve been there.

And now for pictures and video!

(More video on my YouTube Channel)

View from our condo

Me on the beach in front of our resort

Shmo with a sea star

Green Sea Turtle

West Bay Beach - in front of our resort

School of Blue Tangs

Stoplight Parrot Fish - This was the silliest fish ever. He kept lifting his upper lip and smiling at me.

I am slowly adding all 700 pictures to my flickr account, so if you want to see more, check back there periodically.

Since we have been back things have been moving at a high speed pace. We put our notice in at our apartment and for both our jobs. We secured an apartment in Kingston and our move date is July 17th. It is all very overwhelming and stressful BUT it is the first step to owning our own house. Owning our own house in the country is our ultimate life goal and hopefully about a year from our move date, having a house will become a reality for us.

Moving to Kingston is a huge life change for us. I grew up in the Kingston area and like post people who grow up in a small place they long to get out. I’ve been out for 8 years. I’ve lived in Halifax, Ottawa and Toronto since then and I’ve traveled a lot. Now, I feel that call to have a beautiful quiet wooded space in the country where our world is contained. I, however, do NOT feel a call to live in Kingston. BUT it is a means to an end, and I can stick it out for a year. Bonus’ of living in Kingston, everything is cheaper, including rent, car insurance, and public transit. We are super close to my family. We are super close to our favorite camp grounds. We can still easily drive to Toronto for concerts, shopping and most importantly getting my hair cut by Lora instead of some butcher.

Now the tedious task of packing is beginning. It will go much quicker after we have our Yard Sale next weekend. We are getting rid of tons of junk and hopefully we will make some decent cash as well. Busy, busy, busy is the theme of our lives right now, hopefully we will have some down time after our move and we can hit Silver lake for a week or so of camping before starting our new lives in Kingston.

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