Hair Vanity Insanity

… more new hair pics!

I took some pics outside today and you can see the new colour much truer. The previous pics looked much darker. I am really loving wearing my bangs forward… I think I may like it better then to the side. I haven’t been this happy about how I look…well, ever. I am really truly happy with the cut and colour. I don’t think that I have ever had that before.

Close up of my highlights

I am really in love with my bangs

Love them...

I look very slouchy in this, but I still love my hair.


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  1. 1

    Jessica said,

    Enjoy the trim factor!!!

    When I first did the bangs I found the bang trim totally intimidating, but now I do it with a glass of wine in one hand. Actually I think I might be better at it than my hair dresser. That’s so not true. But it’s a fun game.

    Enjoy! You look fantastic!

    • 2

      octobermachine said,

      I already went for a trim! I got her to take a lot off since I have been wearing the bangs forward instead of to the side. I like them even more now, less volume.

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