What I Do On the Interweb

So everyday I get up, I brush my teeth, wash my face, pee and then “check my stuff.” (Sometimes I pee first, it depends.) I do this every single day, unless I am at my Mum’s because she has no internet. This is what I check:

and then sometimes

When I am bored and I have exhausted all of these sites I will inevitably turn to:

All of this is pretty much a huge waste of time. Because, for the most part, each time I check these things, nothing has really changed. So why the frack do I feel inclined to “check my stuff” on such a regular basis?

I think that Social Networking has really changed how we live. For the good and for the bad.


  • I have lived in 4 major cities and am very bad at correspondence. SN sites make correspondence super easy.
  • SN sites that are geared to interest are very helpful interest and learning-wise. Eg – Ravelry really helped me improve my knitting and gain access to patterns, OffbeatBride helped me plan the wedding that I wanted.
  • It’s easier to be kept up to date on things you want to know about. Eg- I know that Olivia Munn has a book coming out. Her Twitter told me so.


  • For me personally, I spend too much time on SN sites. Either I am checking for updates, or I am browsing aimlessly, instead of doing what the site is about. Eg- surfing 1000’s of patterns on Ravelry instead of actually knitting.
  • People start to expect a degree of attention on SN sites. “But I left you a message on Facebook that I wasn’t coming? “, “You should have called me. “, “You mean you don’t have Facebook on your phone?”, “No. “, “Weird.”
  • SN sites lead me to stupid crap that I can waste an entire day on Eg. – Failblog, The People of Walmart.

I am really just trying to take stock of my internet usage and the quality of what I am doing with my time. In 33 days Phill and I are heading to Honduras for a 2 week vacation, and the laptop is staying at home. (That was a fun fight btw.) I am thinking of using that two weeks as the start of an internet/SN site diet.


After returning from vacation I will only check SN sites once when I get up, and once before bed. I will only surf to find/look at something specific or to download pirated material.

I am sort of looking forward to it.

PS~ Notice I didn’t mention blogging? I am such a bad blogger, it doesn’t even register on my “wasting-my-time-o-meter” : )


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  1. 1

    Rilana said,

    Yeah, I spend too much time on SN sites. I refuse to give up Twitter, Ravelry or my blog…bu the rest of them can go away. Facebook annoys me lately. I spend way too much time playing STUPID games on there. 😀 Plus, do I really need to keep up with folks I went to jr high and high school with? Ummm…no.

  2. 2

    mat said,

    i totally understand. i’ve limited my ‘net time to “what can i do while nancy grace is on”. i feel bad about not catching up on all of the blog posts and status updates, but then if i focus too much on that – real life will pass me by.

  3. 3

    Kat said,

    I do almost the exact same thing every day (and then again a bit later and again a bit after that!). And I check what you have been up to on all of those sites!!
    I understand that you need a detox but can you think about me for a second???!!! I need to see what you have been knitting and what you and Phill and the kitty have been up to! So please don’t disappear completely. xo

    • 4

      octobermachine said,

      I check your stuff too!!! LOL At least we stock each other : ) Don’t worry, I won’t disappear. (I’ll just only do it all twice a day!)

  4. 5

    Rachel said,

    I do the same thing except I do it right when I get to the office. Because I carpool with Tom I get to work an hour and a half before I even start (fun fun) so that’s when I waste time the most.

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