Body Swap

For no specific reason Phill and I had a conversation this evening about swapping bodies. Not he and I mind you. It went something like this:

“Honey, if you had to switch bodies with someone who would it be?”


“I don’t mean like who’s body do you want. I mean if you HAD TO switch bodies, due to circumstances beyond your control, who would you switch with?”

“Henry Rollins, coz he aged gracefully.”

“Who would you be?”

“Lily Cole.”

“Who’s that?”

“She’s a model.”

*eye roll*

“Give me the laptop, I’ll show you her…*google search* See?”

“You know, you actually already kind of look like her.” (bless his lying heart) *click on next picture* She’s kinda cockeyed.”

“Thanks Honey.”

Anyway, I think, even in our swapped bodies we make a pretty cute couple.

Who would you swap with?


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