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What I Do On the Interweb

So everyday I get up, I brush my teeth, wash my face, pee and then “check my stuff.” (Sometimes I pee first, it depends.) I do this every single day, unless I am at my Mum’s because she has no internet. This is what I check:

and then sometimes

When I am bored and I have exhausted all of these sites I will inevitably turn to:

All of this is pretty much a huge waste of time. Because, for the most part, each time I check these things, nothing has really changed. So why the frack do I feel inclined to “check my stuff” on such a regular basis?

I think that Social Networking has really changed how we live. For the good and for the bad.


  • I have lived in 4 major cities and am very bad at correspondence. SN sites make correspondence super easy.
  • SN sites that are geared to interest are very helpful interest and learning-wise. Eg – Ravelry really helped me improve my knitting and gain access to patterns, OffbeatBride helped me plan the wedding that I wanted.
  • It’s easier to be kept up to date on things you want to know about. Eg- I know that Olivia Munn has a book coming out. Her Twitter told me so.


  • For me personally, I spend too much time on SN sites. Either I am checking for updates, or I am browsing aimlessly, instead of doing what the site is about. Eg- surfing 1000’s of patterns on Ravelry instead of actually knitting.
  • People start to expect a degree of attention on SN sites. “But I left you a message on Facebook that I wasn’t coming? “, “You should have called me. “, “You mean you don’t have Facebook on your phone?”, “No. “, “Weird.”
  • SN sites lead me to stupid crap that I can waste an entire day on Eg. – Failblog, The People of Walmart.

I am really just trying to take stock of my internet usage and the quality of what I am doing with my time. In 33 days Phill and I are heading to Honduras for a 2 week vacation, and the laptop is staying at home. (That was a fun fight btw.) I am thinking of using that two weeks as the start of an internet/SN site diet.


After returning from vacation I will only check SN sites once when I get up, and once before bed. I will only surf to find/look at something specific or to download pirated material.

I am sort of looking forward to it.

PS~ Notice I didn’t mention blogging? I am such a bad blogger, it doesn’t even register on my “wasting-my-time-o-meter” : )


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The Dreaded Haircut

It’s been two years… I can’t put it off any longer.

My last haircut was a nightmare that resulted in tears and me almost punching someone. I hate getting my hair cut. But, its to my waist, almost all one length and so heavy that there is almost no curl left. I want to look cute on vacation.

I was given a few good recos to Coupe Bizzarre here in Toronto, but after reading the reviews I was very put off. Not so much by the comments about the cuts, but about the service and the too-cool-for school attitude. I am not cool, nor do I play a cool person on TV. I am already nervous about this whole thing so I am not too keen on spending my hair cutting experience with bitches. I made an appointment with them initially, but I will probably cancel it.

I made an appointment for a consult wiht a shop called Fringe and I feel a lot better about them. Especially because I will be seeing the head stylist/owner.  Anyhow, enough about my hair anxiety…time for style talk.

I am going to take the plunge into bangs… I think. And I love long layers. Here are some pics of what I am aiming for.

I used this pic the last time I got a good haircut : )

Love her hair. She has great bangs.

I like the messy layers. (I am aware that this is not her hair.)

Great bangs... and breasts.

I would appreciate any comments or ideas. (If you think I should cut my hair short, save your breath, its not going to happen, ever.)  Also, please, if you have any pics of styles you think I might like I would love to see them too.

(Here’s me, just for reference : )

Taken two weeks ago (showing off new glasses.)

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Body Swap

For no specific reason Phill and I had a conversation this evening about swapping bodies. Not he and I mind you. It went something like this:

“Honey, if you had to switch bodies with someone who would it be?”


“I don’t mean like who’s body do you want. I mean if you HAD TO switch bodies, due to circumstances beyond your control, who would you switch with?”

“Henry Rollins, coz he aged gracefully.”

“Who would you be?”

“Lily Cole.”

“Who’s that?”

“She’s a model.”

*eye roll*

“Give me the laptop, I’ll show you her…*google search* See?”

“You know, you actually already kind of look like her.” (bless his lying heart) *click on next picture* She’s kinda cockeyed.”

“Thanks Honey.”

Anyway, I think, even in our swapped bodies we make a pretty cute couple.

Who would you swap with?

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