Goodbye February… you never seem to be the best month.

On February 4th (the day before my birthday) our sweet Cake (Freyr) passed away very suddenly due to heart failure. It is so hard to believe that we only had him for 4 months. He was such a huge part of our lives and the shock of him being gone is still hard to bare. Especially after just loosing Nugga. We miss them so very, very much. I am so very, very thankful for my wonderful husband, who the night before surprised me with a new field camera, with which I of course took some shots of Cake. This is my favorite. It will forever be the “smizing” picture, so named by Kat (who expalined to me what smizing was.)

I am also thankful for my husband because he is such an amazing support for me when I am unable to handle a situation very well. I love you Shmo.

My landlord is an insane person that I have to actively try to not wish terrible things for. Work has been insanity, and anxiety, and Phill had mid-terms last week, so the last two weeks of this month have been terrible and stressful and I am so thrilled that they are over.

I did manage to get some Ravelympics knitting done even with all the craziness. I has hoped for three pairs of mittens but am happy that I got two pairs made.

I am back to baby knitting now, hoping to get some stuff in the mail the week before I leave on vacation, for a certain little girl who should be born while I’m in Honduras : )

I am now looking ahead. 59 days until VACATION!!!!

New tankini… check

DicaPac, so I can use my camera underwater… check

New freaking amazing digital SLR… check

New suitcase… going to Winners on Monday…

The very idea of two weeks in the sun and sand and tropicalness (yeah, not a word) makes me practically swoon.

Oh yeah… so Sunwing, who we booked out vacation with cancelled their contract with the resort… so we are now staying at The Mayan Princess… which shares the same beach as our previously booked resort. It isn’t brand spanking new like Infinity Bay, but has all the same things and we got upgraded to VIP bracelets for our troubles so I am totally fine with it.

Many amazing pictures of Mayan Princess on their Facebook page


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