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If I could create my own world, James Jean would draw it.

I love the art of James Jean. Realism meets spectacular fantasy, violence, fairy tales, and tattoos. He is an amazing artist and I adore his work. I am going to assume that some people have no idea who I am talking about, but, when they see his art may recognize it. He has done work with Prada, illustrated numerous comics and comic covers and has won countless awards. He is in my top 5 favorite artists of all time and almost everything I see that he has created I want to tattoo on my body (and I will do that with some of it!)

To see more JJ then I am posting his website is: and this is a great gallery of his comic art:

So here’s a little JJ to creatify your day… the first picture, will be my first JJ tattoo, and is one of my very favorites.

from 1,001 Nights of Snowfall

from Batgirl 57

FABLES 73 Cover

Unsure of original source

James Jean for Prada

James Jean for Prada

Unsure of original source


Batgirl 46- Heaven and Hell


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A Brand New Year

Happy holidays are over!!!!

This Christmas was pretty good.  We had our annual Christmas Canape Extravaganza on Dec. 19th. Fun was had by all and WAY too much food was consumed. We decorated our Decemberween tree and its still up. Most likely it will be taken down sometime this week, and I can honestly say, I’m going to miss it. Phill and I headed to Verona to Mums for Christmas Eve. It was really nice to see family and to have only the holidays to focus on.

Christmas Party noms

Decemberween tree

Although its not what its really about, I must say that this year was GREAT for gifts. Phill and I got soem really great practical things like a 1000 candle power flashlight, and tools and pillows. I loooove practical gifts. We also got a lot of gift cards and cash. I haven’t shopped very much at all this past year. We splurged on our Honduras vacation (to be had April 2010) so I haven’t had much extra money for shopping. So this was fun!!!! I got 5 new Charles De Lint books with gift cards and cash and I did a Knit Picks order, which I have wanted to do for like a year. I got a ball winder and the interchangeable circ needle set…it hasn’t come yet and I am so impatient for it to get here. I went nuts at the Romini Wools boxing day sale…so much fun.

My Boxing Day yarn spolis

I am getting extremely excited about vacation in April. Two weeks, alone with the Shmo in a tropical paradise. It seems sooooo far away… but I am sure it will go quickly. I am already starting to plan…I have my “to pack” and “to buy” lists made out and have started to process of having a custom bathing suit made (because all the ones in the stores are sooo ugly). Only 115 more days…*sigh*

I worked New Years Eve but on New Years Day I rang it in by FINALLY seeing New Moon. And it was good. I am really looking forward to buying it and watching it again in the quiet on my living room. The theatre was really noisy and I feel that I was very distracted and didn’t catch everything.

In October 2008, when I started this blog I did a list of 10 things I wanted to do in 2009… well I only got 4 of them done, BUT, most of the ones I didn’t get done were due to funds… so for 2010, I am going to try to do a list that can’t be so effected by money.


1. Swim with sea turtles (Honduras in April)

2. Knit a sweater

3. Read all of the Charles De Lint Newford books

4. Camp whenever possible this summer

5. Go hiking on weekends when we can’t camp this summer

6. Visit home more often

7. Save money for a house

8. Learn to spin (drop spindle most likely, a wheel is too expensive.)

9. Get rid of all the junk I don’t need (there’s a lot of it)

10. Eat more pie

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