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Hooters and Yarn Scores

This was such a long week. I worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. But Wednesday, Wednesday was awesome!!! I had a colour session on my arm. My owl and moon are now done which is so much fun since mostly the bottom of my arm had been colured to that point. I really love the soft shading on the owl contrasted by the bright orange moon.

Then after my tattoo sitting I went to Romni because I needed on ball of Galway… ha ha ha, yeah right, like that was ever going to happen. I got the BEST yarn score ever. I had my eye on this awesome Mirasol purple/yellow colourway for a few motnhs, and thought, hey, why not get 2 skeins and make some nice little thing… I looked and looked and couldn’t find it! WTF? So eventually I went downstairs to the basement (discount area) and low and behold, there it was! For $4.80 a skein! So I bought 5 skeins and can now make a sweater coat instead of a small accessory. YARN SCORE!!!

Saturday Phill and I were supposed to get our anniversary tattoos coloured. But he has the Piggy Flu, so that was a no go. (He’s starting to feel better now BTW.) So, I took over the appointment and got more colour done on my arm.

The monarch hurt a lot less this time, which I was very happy about. I had some touch ups done as well and a few leaves coloured it. Its getting harder and harder to take pictures of the new colour. I will have the tree and leaves coloured on January 3rd, and then the background done in February. AND THEN IT”S FINISHED!!!! I am so excited to see it totally completed. I am planning on taking a tattooing break until the fall after my sleeve is done. (We’ll see if that holds.)

Today has been spent knitting and watching movies with the Shmo. (And feeling very much like I am getting a cold.) Tomorrow I will finish up Lara’s arm warmers, which are so ridiculously thick and warm that I don’t even think I would be able to wear them (Lara’s always cold). And in the evening I am off to the movies with Amanda and my sister, Ky, (who got back from Afghanistan on Wednesday for Christmas leave) to see New Moon. I hope this cold stays under control : )

Lara's ridiculously warm arm warmers in progress


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