Alela, her voice makes my soul ache.

It is not often that I become enamored with a musician. I have Tori to fawn over for my insatiable girl crush. But, a few months ago, Ms. Alela Diane stole my heart. I was on a wonderful artists blog Black Eyed Suzie and she had a music player going and I was puttering aroudn the hosue, Macbook still on said blog, and the player hit one of Alela’s songs and I stopped dead in my tracks and said “Who the fuck is that?” out loud. I looked her up on YouTube and have been rejoicing in her music since. She is a true story teller and can conjure such vivid imagery with her words and her voice.

And last night I went to see her live. It was a moving experience. That’s the only way I can describe it.


And then I even got to meet her! She was wonderfully sweet. Also very tired as she had driven from Montreal to Toronto that day. She said that she had been touring for a year almost and that she would love nothing more then to bake a pie, lay or her couch or do some dishes.

Girl crush, #2….

And here is a picture of me with Alela. I look horrid and crazy, but I don’t care… she of course is beautiful.

And for those of you who have never heard of Alela Diane I will now pass on the gift I was given on a random blog one afternoon.





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    Heather said,

    Oooooooo…thank you for sharing! I had never heard of Alela before and was obviously worse off for it! Love this! And of course, I’ve now missed her Canadian shows. 😦

    -maevankat from Rav

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