I am a terrible blogger.

So I have been MIA for like a month on here. And so much has happened that I don’t even know where to start. So, I’ll start with knitting… I learned to cable in October and I of course went straight for the Bella Mittens.

I love them and I am almost done a pair for my Mum and am going to make a pair for my MIL as well for Christmas. I also took inventory of my stash last month (something I have been meaning to do for quite awhile.) And, yeah, I have a lot of yarn.

I didn’t do a blog on this blog about our new cat Freyr, which, is very irresponsible of me. We got Freyr on September 17th, from Toronto Animal Services, South Region. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. He has the greatest personality. He’ silly and a little clutzy. He likes to softly bite your nose when you are close to him and he loves to sleep on top of us. I wish the Nugga could have met him. ❤

October 12th was our first wedding anniversary. We went camping with friends at Rock Point. And the next weekend we added to our commitment tattoos. They will be finished later this month. Mine looks very incomplete because it is being done almost entirely in colour.

Hmmm…. what else….

Halloween was a blast. I was a cat and Phill was Rowdy Roddy Piper. But we totally sucked compared to The Tooth Faery. Quite possibly the best costume I have ever seen in my life.

Phill and I also made some pretty big life decisions over the past few months. We have decided that after Phill finishes school, in about a year and a half, we are going to move back to the Kingston area, where I grew up and my family still lives. We want to buy a house in the country there. We both love the city, but are finding more and more that we long for the quite and contentment of the woods and farmland. We are both really excited about this decision and are already making plans and getting geared up for it.

I promise to try and update more often, so that not all of my posts look like a family new letter : )


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