2010 Vacation is officially booked!!!

Sun, sand, our own condo, the worlds second largest coral reef 50 meters from shore, and two weeks of pure nothing… Roatan here we come!!!! April 26th to MAy 10th we will be vacationing in on the Bay Island of Roatan in Honduras. I can’t wait!!! We are staying at the Infinity Bay Spa and Beach Resort. It is brand new and looks spectacular. The spa isn’t built yet but should be finished by the time we are there.

We were so dazzled by the pictures taken by other guests of this resort and the surrounding area that Phill and I were sold almost instantly. You can literally swim out to the reef in minutes and snorkel there all day because it is right off the beaches resort! I was disappointed in the snorkeling when we went to Cuba, so I am VERY excited about this. I am going to swim with sea turtles. Yes I am. And in doing so, cross a life long dream off my list. I am even willing to pretend I did not see the shark pictures on Roatan Facebook group.

Anyways, I shall be counting down the days these next 6 months, longing for vacation. And without further ado, stolen Infinity Bay/Roatan vacation pictures! Enjoy!

This picture was taken on the reef right in front of the hotel. Isn’t that freaking amazing! AHHHHHH sea turtles!!!!!!


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  1. 1

    Kat said,

    I’m totally jealous. While you are busy enjoying sea turtles and drinking yummy fruity cocktails, I will be expelling The Fledgling from my womb. Please have a few drinks for me. xo

  2. 2

    Ashley said,

    THAT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! The Sea Turtles! I know you’re ignoring the sharks, but I think that is awesome! I’ve always wanted to swim with sharks….o my god your photos are going to be amazing!!! GAH….x

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