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After 13 long years, its finally happened.

Dr. Marten has come to his senses and and has reissued the “Jazz” line. I am hysterically happy!!!!!!!!!! I am in boot heaven! I have been wearing the same pair of “Jazz P-Flats” for 13 years. I am not exaggerating… 13 freaking years. They are the best boots on the planet. Even in their current state, people still stop me on the street and comment on them and ask me where I got them. To which I reply, “1996.”

These are my boots

And these are my “Jazz P-Flat” shoes. I acquired these about 4 years ago at he “The Doc Store” in Ottawa, under pile of other shoes in a bin in the back corner, with more dust on them then I have ever seen on a pair of shoes. They have made it possible to extend the life of my boots, by acting as a substitute for them when I am wearing jeans.

And these will be my new boots! The Jazz Jemma 20 eye Zip Boot Black Nappa.


There are a few changes, the now have a zipper, which is a great addition and yellow stitching instead of black (which can be fixed pretty easily with some dye.) But other then that they have the same toe and awesome chunk heal.

I am sooo happy. My husband stumbled upon them when he was looking for boots for himself and was very excited to show me when I got home tonight. He knows how much I have longed for a new pair.  I check the Doc website every month or so wishing and hoping… and it finally happened!


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!!! (I may buy two pair, just incase!)


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First color session on my sleeve is done. It is VERY bruised, angry and sore… but worth it! I can’t wait for more color!

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We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun.

Summer is over. Well, technically not, but September will always signify the end of summer and the start of glorious fall, to me.  It was a very nice summer. Camping was great, even with the thunderstorms, possibly they made it a bit more exciting.  The creation of the term “Jagaloon” by my husband in reference to weekend warrior campers who get all drunk and messy.  Nights in the backyard around our new chimnea. Day after day of BBQ. I bought Phill a BBQ for his birthday in June…I have totally benefitted from this gift! We went to Boldt Castle, finally, after years of wanting to take Phill there and, as expected, he loved it as much as I do. Phill finished his summer term of school two weeks ago and started his amazing new internship this morning.

It was a pretty good summer : )

…and fall will be just as great.

Upcoming events include the Waterloo Knitters fair which I am totally excited for because I have never been to such a thing before! Going home to viist Mum at the end of September. FALL CAMPING the first weekend in October with Shmo, Denise, Kyn and Amanda…shananagans will ensue!  Our first wedding anniversary is on October 12th and we are getting our commitment tattoos finished on the 1oth to celebrate. And of course Halloween…which I am looking very forward to. I can’t wait to see Phill in his Rowdy Roddie Piper costume! I have only two more birthday knitting projects left for this year…and Christmas knitting galore, and then I can maybe finish my Feary Queen Shawl for myself  (greedy me!)

Here’s a pic of me working on my Faery Queen Shawl while camping a few weeks ago.

November is movie month for me! New Moon and 2012, I can’t freaking wait! Then before you know it, it will be Christmas and the year will start all over again…the years seem to be flying by now…

PS ~ I miss the Nugga every damned day. I am having kitty cuddle withdrawls.

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