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I have a hole in my heart that can never be filled

Einstein, Buggy, The Nugga, Tubby Custard, Litttle Man, Sweet Baby Angel Kitten, Boombalatter, The Pumpkin Prince.

I got him from the Humane Society. Those giant owl eyes looking at me from the bottom cage in the corner. Someone had left him outside to fend for himself in December. I took him home on New Years day. Its been ten years since. He was so special and so full of love. I can’t believe he is gone. And I don’t know how to live without him. I miss him so much. The house is so empty. This will never be okay.

He didn’t suffer, he will never be in pain, he will never get old and sick and we loved him so much. But I still can’t stop crying.


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Blackwork finished!!!

My sleeve is finally at the half way point. All the black and grey work is finished and I get to go colour on September 2nd! I got a lil’ tiny bit f colour already. My Wooly bear caterpillar looked like something had been eating him without the colour  so Chris finished him up, so I wouldn’t have to deal with “What’s that supposed to be?” for another month. Anyways… on with the pictures!!! (Here you go Diane! : )

I am completely thrilled with my sleeve. I love every little bit of it and can’t wait to see it in full colour glory.  I am especially happy about my Wooly Bear. I knew when I asked for it that it was going to be hard to get the texture right. Chris is a genious and I think he did such an amazing job on it. He knew that it was a very important, possibly the most piece in my sleeve and he came through with flying colours.

PS~ I don’t know why I look grumpy as hell in these pics LOL

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Necrobutcher -clap-clap-clap-clap-clap!

So…since my post a few weeks ago featuring the adorable Necrobutcher, I have seen his blood twice (not to mention him make several others bleed) on two separate occasions! Ew, you say? Noooooo, awesome I say! I love this man…and strangely enough, live wrestling! Its my new thing apparently!

The friday before the ROH show I stumbled upon a flyer for a local indie wrestling show called Stranglehold, which was featuring a match with the Necrobutcher. So we of course rearranged our Sunday and were off to my first indie wrestling match. I had so much freaking fun!!! I am a live wrestling fan. Best part…we got to meet The Necrobutcher. I hugged him. I have proof!

He is the sweetest man!

The following Friday we went to ROH and again had a freaking blast! Watching Necro suck the blood off of Jimmy Rave’s forehead and spit it into the air, was defiantly the highlight of the evening.

We now have tickets for the ROH show in November and also there is another Stranglehold show at the end of August…AND NECRO IS COMING BACK FOR IT! Screw you West Virginia, Necro looooves him some Ontario!

I previously mentioned that I wanted to knit Necro something. Now I know exactly what that something is. A Necro-doll, as can be seen on this t-shirt…

I have never knit a doll before. I wish I could crochet. BUT I know that this is what I need to make. I want to have it done by the August show. Its a much smaller show, so there is a better chance to meet up with him and give him the doll at that one. BUT it meansI have about a month to become a knit-amigurumi expert. Luckily, beloved Ravelry has my back. I search tags for “knit, doll” and got the perfect pattern for lil’ Necro. I can’t wait to get started.

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