These are a few of my favorite blogs…

So, I am too tired to do a real “What I have been doing” (no one cares really) blog… so instead, I am going to blog pimp. I have a small, yet important and highly enjoyable group of blogs that I frequent, and here my top three of the day.

Octopus Vs. Squirrel

Great art site. Always showing me something new or reminding me of the odd shit I already love. Mark Ryden, James Jean, Kris Lewis, Sylvia Ji and so on and so forth in the weird, sometimes frightening yet heartbreakingly beautiful art.

Mark Ryden

Folklore and Fairytales – Clever Finds for the Faerie-Inclined

So many pretty, expensive, I’m never going to have them but I can dream things. From tiny paper sculptures to forest inspired iron bed frames. People make some amazing things that are faerie-inclined. Also photos, articles and other things that are of fae interest.

tree bed

Offbeat Bride

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G weddings and thus, amazing wedding porn. Covet, covet, covet! I used this site everyday in my wedding planning and still stop by at least once a week for the pornage. (If you look hard you can find me in this blog not once, but twice, with the my-wedding-was-awesome braggingness. ) Run by the super-amazing and now preggers, Ariel meadow Stallings.



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    Kat said,

    I care. I love reading your blog. You are a superstar. xo

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