Summer…where are you going?

The summer is going far too fast. I have not had enough fun yet! We went camping on the weekend…two nights is not enough at all. But we had a great time at Rock Point. Next to Silver Lake it is my favorite provincial campground.

We decided that we MUST have more camping…so we are going to do a week at Silver Lake at the end of August and we promise ourselves this time we will canoe and kayak and do more things then just laze around.  We also need to do a day at the Sandbanks…best beach in Ontario…and go to Bolt castle which Phill has never been too…and go to Denise and Kyles cottage…pfffttttt…summer is too short!

Plus now Phill’s parents are coming to visit in September sometime, so until we figure that out we can’t make any plans.

I am already antsy to go camping again. It really is the ultimate getaway for us.


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