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These are a few of my favorite blogs…

So, I am too tired to do a real “What I have been doing” (no one cares really) blog… so instead, I am going to blog pimp. I have a small, yet important and highly enjoyable group of blogs that I frequent, and here my top three of the day.

Octopus Vs. Squirrel

Great art site. Always showing me something new or reminding me of the odd shit I already love. Mark Ryden, James Jean, Kris Lewis, Sylvia Ji and so on and so forth in the weird, sometimes frightening yet heartbreakingly beautiful art.

Mark Ryden

Folklore and Fairytales – Clever Finds for the Faerie-Inclined

So many pretty, expensive, I’m never going to have them but I can dream things. From tiny paper sculptures to forest inspired iron bed frames. People make some amazing things that are faerie-inclined. Also photos, articles and other things that are of fae interest.

tree bed

Offbeat Bride

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G weddings and thus, amazing wedding porn. Covet, covet, covet! I used this site everyday in my wedding planning and still stop by at least once a week for the pornage. (If you look hard you can find me in this blog not once, but twice, with the my-wedding-was-awesome braggingness. ) Run by the super-amazing and now preggers, Ariel meadow Stallings.



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Butterflies and Butchery

July installment of tattoo is finished, black work is 90% finished now, next appointment is August 1st. I can’t wait to finally see color on my arm!

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Saturday – I am doing  N-O-T-H-I-N-G! Sunday – I have a date with my husband. Shalamar (our fav indian restaurant) and the new Harry Potter movie. Monday – Amanda will come over at some point and we will probably watch movies and knit.

ROH next Friday night. I am looking forward to seeing the adorable NecroButcher beat someone down.  I watched an interview with Necro Butcher a few weeks ago and it totally endeared me to him. I thin I might knit him some wristers or something LOL

August 10th is the Tori concert. I am totally looking forward to an evening of music and crying like an idiot due to the power of said music. And we booked more camping for the second last week in August, can hardly wait for that!

Been going tot he gym, gonna start back bikram…I feel very life -full right now. I have also been finishing a lot of knit projects lately. I think the knitting is totally balancing out the craziness. Phill got his placement at Guru Studios last week. this is really exciting because it is an awesome place and he really wanted that placement. He is also excited about taking a break from school. I need to start his Slytherin scarf soon, so that its ready for the fall. Phill asked me to make him a Slytherin scarf the day after I learned to knit…so I’ve been slacking.

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Summer…where are you going?

The summer is going far too fast. I have not had enough fun yet! We went camping on the weekend…two nights is not enough at all. But we had a great time at Rock Point. Next to Silver Lake it is my favorite provincial campground.

We decided that we MUST have more camping…so we are going to do a week at Silver Lake at the end of August and we promise ourselves this time we will canoe and kayak and do more things then just laze around.  We also need to do a day at the Sandbanks…best beach in Ontario…and go to Bolt castle which Phill has never been too…and go to Denise and Kyles cottage…pfffttttt…summer is too short!

Plus now Phill’s parents are coming to visit in September sometime, so until we figure that out we can’t make any plans.

I am already antsy to go camping again. It really is the ultimate getaway for us.

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