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May was here, but now its gone.

So much to review!

CUBA! Cuba was amazing! Phill and I had a great honeymoon/vacation and we discovered that we will not die from the sun! We will go South again. I think next time we will try the Dominican or Jamaica to see what they are like compared to Cuba. Our resort was great, the staff and the food were also great. The only thing that was not so great was the wind. It was so windy that we really couldn’t just sit on the beach because the sand was blowing around so much.

 We took a ton of pictures and had a really relaxing time. I miss it already.

We have a lot of plans for June. Phill’s birthday is on the 10th and I got him a BBQ. He has been wanting one for years and we finally have a backyard so it was time. We are going to have a BBQ at the end of June that we are really looking forward to. We’re also having a yard sale, painting the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, and my Mum is coming to visit! I am very excited about my Mum coming to visit. She hasn’t seen our new house yet and the last time she was in TO it was for a conference so we didn’t get to hang out very much. it will be really nice to have her here for 3 full days. She is looking forward to going to IKEA. lol

On the 6 of 1 half a dozen of the other front, I finally have my motility and scope testing in June. I get a tube in my nose and down my throat on Monday for 24 hours, then on tuesday they pull that out and shove a bigger tube in my mouth and down my throat. Yeah! But if they can find out exactly what is causing the chest pain I’d do all that 5 times over, so they could make it go away.

I will have my 3rd black and shading tattoo session on June 12th for my sleeve. Just one more after that and then I can start colour!! I can’t wait! I had my pumpkins done 2 weeks ago. Next sitting will be a lily, mushrooms and a wollybear.  

Taking pictures of your own arm is hard.


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