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Oh so very much…

So much has happened in such a  short little month. I lost two of the most important in my life.  My Grandfather and my Aunt Joanie died on April 4th. Their deaths were unrelated. My Grandfathers was not a shock, he had been ailing since October. But was nonetheless heartbreaking. My Aunt’s death was very sudden and shocking. Her house burned down.  I have now come out the other side of this and am trying to push on and feel normal again.

I have been knitting a ton, which helps with my stress and keeps me busy. I havecompleted two projects recently, that I am very happy with. I finished my Toxic tunic which took me about two months (of totally non-constant knitting) and a shawl to take to Cuba for the evenings.

I am really proud of the tunic because it was my first non-accessory that I knit to completion.

We head off to Cuba in 5 more sleeps. I am really looking forward to our honeymoon , now even more then before. This month has emotionally battered me and I think some real R&R is very much due. I am also looking forward to being alone and snuggly-wuggly with my amazing husband who has been so supportive through all this. He also just finished his exams on Friday and is also due for some serious R&R, and a buttload of Mojitos!


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