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Randomly Good Husband

So, my husband Phill is typically the most predictable human being I have ever met. You can pretty much bank on what he will do in most situations. I love this about him, as I am not huge on suprises. But once or twice a year he does something totally random and out of the blue. Yesterday, I recieved a phone call from him in the afternoon stating “We need to go on vacation. Let’s go to Cuba. Next month.” So very, very random. But freaking AWESOME!! I am so excited. We do, however, have a ton of things to do in preparation for said vacation. Most importantly, get our passport applications finished and submitted with pictures by the end of next week! Oh well,  its well worth the rush, to be able to relax for 7 days and do nothing but swim, read, knit, fuck (I mean sleep), take pictures and just be.

My Schmo-mo

My Schmo-mo

We are unsure of our actual destination as of yet. We will be playing the later you wait the cheaper it is card and booking an all inclusive in about 2 weeks.  I ahve already started making packing lists and taking note of things we need to buy. Hmmm, I wonder what I should knit on vacation?


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Rainbows and Butterflies

Just got back from a great weekend away in Niagara Falls. It was so nice to just be away with the Shmo and not have to worry about anything. My phone never even rang once. It was great. 

On Saturday we walked from the Rainbow Bridge all the way to the end of the falls. We took tons of great pictures. The most amazing being of RAINBOWS!!! I know everyone and thier dog has taken a picture of  a rainbow at Niagara Falls, but I don’t care, it is still awesome. 

 Also, the butterfly conservatory was amazing. Niagara Falls is totally worth braving the cold for to see it in the winter. The ice adds so much to it and is impressive all on its own. We also went tot he casino, midway, and ate some great food. Now I have the whole week off, which, I am sure, will go by far too quickly. On my “To-Do” list for the week is 

  • Knit
  • Go to IKEA and get a shelf for the kitchen
  • Hang out with Amanda
  • Do laundry (blah)
  • Sleep in
  • Go see “Watchman” on Friday

Other then that, its pajamaville and DVD heaven. 


Its gonna be a good week.

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