Twicons and Twavatars

So, even before the Twilight movie came out there were these little 100×100 Twilight avatars that people started making that you could find everywhere. Now its even crazier. I wasted a good hour and a half today looking at them…shut up…and there are some really good ones and some really funny ones…which I of course lifted from the forum thread they were in.

182112155983020084804_39d7444086_ostickerscopyth_icons-twilight-series-1264672_100_1_largeI especially like the stickers ones. I have no idea what it is a reference to but I still find it damn funny. I love the shots that are all Draculaish from Bellas imagination when she is reading about vampires. There are a3541829_0ca5f6fb-177c-402f-9395-4f22303929d1-icon-twilight-bellaedward08lso a lot of shots from magazine spreads now too147. 9763147yu2Now my qu15539488kc6estion is…What the Hell are they for? Do you use them as icons? Sure that makes sense, but come on, there are thousands of them floating around. And thats the catch coz there are thousands of them so how do you choose? I just nabbed like 30 of them from one forum and the only thing I could think to do with them is put them in my lame-ass blog! Ah well, I guess there is a lot worse useless crap floating around the net.

26786y1piixzpkhrlouylt9ulrz5dugocojf5jatkfilcslwpbom0v87fn05eu7oiheohfwjz0coekm3ew0_large595And I gotta say, I hope Jasper gets more camera time in New Moon, coz, yeah, well let’s face it, he’s easy on the eyes.

I am really looking forward to the second movie and the DVD release of Twilight. I also think its about time to re-read the series. Its been about 6 months since Breaking Dawn came out and I would like to read all four books back to back.

I love when you fall in love with something by accident and it becomes a part of your life. I bought Twilight because I liked the cover…I had never even heard of it before I started reading it. Now I download useless 100×100 pictures that have to do with it because I can not not have them : )

And also these are pretty funny:


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