Okay, I am back, sorta…

So, 2 months-ish behind on my new blog…OBT was sooo much easier to stay on top of!…uh, quick catch-up…moving was Hell, Christmas was a blur, work is mind numbing, 3 people in my family are extremely, if not fatally ill, and I have been knitting a lot! Good? K.

So I have been doing a ton of knitting as of late. I find it very relaxing and distracting and I like making things for people. I have also become obessed with ravelry.com I am on it constantly. It is very inspirational and full of free patterns and great people. It has completely omitted my knitting blog reading, which is kind of sad, but I love that everything is in one place. Amanda and I went to Romni *drool* last weekend and I spent a small fortune and she spent half a small fortune and we got this awesome table full of yarn!

Table O' YarnI am set kntting wise for at least a few months now and I am excited to start a few things that I have never done before.  My first big, scary, never done it before project is going to be a slouchy barret type of hat. These are full of increases and decreases, things that I am very new at, so hopefully this first project will go alright. I am going to use the insanely beautiful Malabrigo (third skein in from the corner of the table, burnt orange and red) for the hat.

Also, I start my tattoo sleeve on March 20th. I am so freaking nervous all of a sudden. No idea why. I have been waiting for this for years! I am gathering pictures and sketching and jotting done things I want. Chris MacDonald (best tattoo guy eva!) and I will sit down in february and hash out all the details and he will start drawing.

PS~ My leg will be offically finished Feb. 2nd! Just a few touch ups left to do!


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