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I am but one person

…and I have a million things to do and can’t get my ass in gear. Plus, I think I am getting sick.

Halloween went great! (My Oola costume had issues) so I went with a pirate costume instead. Phill had 5 people know that he was Curryman…pretty good, considering.


We gave offical notice to our current building and booked movers for December 6th. We need to pack! (I even got some boxes today!) Our apartment is already being shown which gives me added crap to do because I can’t slack on cleaning. I apparently inherited my mother’s need to not have strangers see her dirty house.

We are planning a Christmas party on December 12th, at our new apartment. I am really excited for this because we finally have the space to entertain. Christmas shopping…bleck…everyone is getting framed wedding photos…I don’t have the time to be original this year.

And of course work sucks…I am becoming very irratated with my job as of late.

Wow. I am such a whiner today.


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