New apartment, oh, how awesome you are!

We got the duplex. It is soooo amazing. 1100 sq. ft. plus and huge storage/work room in the basement, a back yard, a parking spot in a garage and a huge sunroom. I love it soooo much! We get it Dec. 1 maybe even a few days earlier since the keys will just be handed over to us from the previous tenant. Packing will suck, but unpacking will be much better with that much space. we are hiring movers, since moving yourselves is a form of torture.

We’ll give our notice in our current building tomorrow. I am very happy to be leaving highrises behind me. I am also happy to leave behind our kitchen sink with no water pressure, the ridiculous 1′ x1′ white tile on the bathroom floor that ALWAYS looks disgustingly dirty, the 12 light bulbs in the bathroom vanity mirror that melt off your make-up while you are putting it on, the stupidly large living room windows that go all the way from wall to wall thus making it impossible to hang curtains properly, the balcony door that will not close, and ugly apartment-yellow paint. Bubye…so long…fuck right off Vertica.

I am so excited to have our Christmas party this year! It will be a Christmas/House Warming party and I am thinking… a finger-food pot luck. With the chocolate fountain we got as a wedding gift put to good use. We will actually have room to put up our tree this year!!! I am soo excited about that. We haven’t had a tree up in years. I am also thinking about doing a secret Santa. Since this year we will be able to have all of our friends over, since there will be so much room, we could have everyone bring a $10.00 gift, suitable for anyone and we could number them and do a hat draw. *sighs* I want to move now! There is much to be done!


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