Back Atter

I’m back at work. On the dreaded 8:00am, Saturday, 11 hour, shoot me now shift no less. My boys seem happy to see me which is really nice, but nonetheless a forboding sense of dread is overwhelming me. (Was that too dramatic?) My dread was distracted briefly by a $100.00 IKEA giftcard from my co-workers (a wedding gift.) Then back to dread. I hate being stuck places that I don’t want to be. But I must consider the positives of my current job. In November I will be going for my NVCI trainer instruction. Work is paying for it and it has been a goal of mine for a long time. This is a good thing. I get lots of time off. 3 day weekends twice a month. Often work is very quiet and I can get personal things done while at work. (This was very helpful during wedding planning.) My work has an educational co-pay. I am looking into taking advantage of that.  *sigh* I just need to learn to ignore the atmosphere, my co-workers and everything else. Means to an end, means to an end.

Enough poor me.

Next weekend I plan on rearranging the bedroom and possibly going to the Birthday Massacre concert. I also need to mail our marriage registration thingy.

Halloween is in 2 weeks! I need to get my costume out of the storage locker and fix it. Two years ago my friend Amanda and I made an amazing Oola costume, and it never made it out of my house.

Oola is awsome! 

Oola is awesome!

This is a shame. So I am reserecting it! This is partially due to not having the time to make a costume this year. I’m cheating, I know. (Mental note: Buy green body paint!) Phill is bouncing between Curry Man and Invader Zim for his costume. It will be weird if we are both green. It is unclear at the moment where we will be going on Halloween night, but we always find a place. Most likely The Wreckroom I think.

November 1st is Denise’s birthday, so the day after Halloween will be fun as well. We’ll drive out to Oshawa in the afternoon and celebrate.

It’s actually kind of nice to be able to plan out the rest of the month. I have fun to look forward to!


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