A new blog, for a new time.

The wedding is over. We’ve been planning and saving for 2 years and now that it is all over with, many things will change. I caught the blog bug at offbeatbride.ning.com and so I want to continue that, but, as I will have less and less wedding related things to say (yeah, right), I have moved over here. I also need to find some new hobbies. My crafting and creative outlets have all been wedding related for so long that I feel I need find entirely new outlets. I also no longer have to scrimp and save. Which is really nice. So I am hoping to indulge in my tattoo habit full force now. After my leg is finished this winter, I want to start my first sleeve in January. 

Much of life, however, will not change. My relationship will not change. If anything the wedding was a renewal of unspoken vows. And we will continue on as always, knowing that fate is a funny thing and that we were lucky enough to land on its good side. (We did have a pretty damned amazing wedding though!) I will go back to work Saturday and Phill is already back at school. The cats will continue to be the cats.

It also feels like a time for planning. We are already making plans for large events. We want to move, ASAP. We need more space. We are looking at driving across Canada to BC in the summer as a honeymoon. We desperately want a dog. I want a new job. 

It feels a little like New Years, so I am going to make a list of things I want to do in the next year:

1. Go to Faerie Con 2009

2. Get a Pug or a Frenchie

3. Hang out with my friends more.

4. Learn to knit better

5. Start my tattoo sleeves

6. Spend a lot of time camping next summer

7. Take more pictures

8. See the Orca in BC.

9. Take some classes

10. Eat more pie


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    Kat said,

    hey babe! I really hope you end up in BC. I can’t wait to meet you in *REAL LIFE* I also have been making BIG PLANS since my wedding — it’s a fabulous time to start new things. In relation to yours though — Halloween is the Celtic new year so in effect you are at a beginning that way. xo

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