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New apartment, oh, how awesome you are!

We got the duplex. It is soooo amazing. 1100 sq. ft. plus and huge storage/work room in the basement, a back yard, a parking spot in a garage and a huge sunroom. I love it soooo much! We get it Dec. 1 maybe even a few days earlier since the keys will just be handed over to us from the previous tenant. Packing will suck, but unpacking will be much better with that much space. we are hiring movers, since moving yourselves is a form of torture.

We’ll give our notice in our current building tomorrow. I am very happy to be leaving highrises behind me. I am also happy to leave behind our kitchen sink with no water pressure, the ridiculous 1′ x1′ white tile on the bathroom floor that ALWAYS looks disgustingly dirty, the 12 light bulbs in the bathroom vanity mirror that melt off your make-up while you are putting it on, the stupidly large living room windows that go all the way from wall to wall thus making it impossible to hang curtains properly, the balcony door that will not close, and ugly apartment-yellow paint. Bubye…so long…fuck right off Vertica.

I am so excited to have our Christmas party this year! It will be a Christmas/House Warming party and I am thinking… a finger-food pot luck. With the chocolate fountain we got as a wedding gift put to good use. We will actually have room to put up our tree this year!!! I am soo excited about that. We haven’t had a tree up in years. I am also thinking about doing a secret Santa. Since this year we will be able to have all of our friends over, since there will be so much room, we could have everyone bring a $10.00 gift, suitable for anyone and we could number them and do a hat draw. *sighs* I want to move now! There is much to be done!


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Why do people keep stealing my bank card number? And moving sucks.

For the 2nd time in as many months I have to take my ass to the bank to get a new card because someone has stolen my number. I have no money. It’s such a waste of their time and mine. Anyways…

We need to move. Our rent is going up $240.00 a month, which takes the ree-ree cake. We need more space anyways and we are pretty sure we can get more space for less then we are paying now. No way am I paying almost $1500.00 for a one bedroom…I hate you Vertica. I also hate moving. I loathe moving. BUT it must be done, so starts the search. We have a line on a duplex within our neighbourhood, so hopefully the search will be short. The idea of packing makes me want to stab myself in the eyes with corn skewers, but hey, I just helped Amanda move, so I will enslave…I mean…enlist her for help. (I am watching too much Invader Zim. FILTHY HUMANS!!! *shakes fist*)

It was very neat today when the duplex-lady asked me how large my family was andI said “It’s just my husband andI.” Husband is such a funny word to say when applicable to myself. It has always been an “other-people” word until now. I still feel like someone is going to roll theireyes at me when I say it. But it’s true, he’s legally my weirdo “That’s…your husband?” guy. I digress…if its possible to digress in a blog.

The duplex is at Jane and Annette. Which is great because its still on the subway line and still in BWV. We really don’t want to move out of the neighbourhood, so we are really happy about it. I spoke to the owner today and she was great, and I am now waiting for the current tenant to call me back to set up a viewing. She’ll probably call me at 8:00am tomorrow morning, which will suck, but I will reign in my fuck-off-and-die-voice for a 2 bedroom duplex, in BWV, with parking for under $1000. Fingers crossed!!

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Back Atter

I’m back at work. On the dreaded 8:00am, Saturday, 11 hour, shoot me now shift no less. My boys seem happy to see me which is really nice, but nonetheless a forboding sense of dread is overwhelming me. (Was that too dramatic?) My dread was distracted briefly by a $100.00 IKEA giftcard from my co-workers (a wedding gift.) Then back to dread. I hate being stuck places that I don’t want to be. But I must consider the positives of my current job. In November I will be going for my NVCI trainer instruction. Work is paying for it and it has been a goal of mine for a long time. This is a good thing. I get lots of time off. 3 day weekends twice a month. Often work is very quiet and I can get personal things done while at work. (This was very helpful during wedding planning.) My work has an educational co-pay. I am looking into taking advantage of that.  *sigh* I just need to learn to ignore the atmosphere, my co-workers and everything else. Means to an end, means to an end.

Enough poor me.

Next weekend I plan on rearranging the bedroom and possibly going to the Birthday Massacre concert. I also need to mail our marriage registration thingy.

Halloween is in 2 weeks! I need to get my costume out of the storage locker and fix it. Two years ago my friend Amanda and I made an amazing Oola costume, and it never made it out of my house.

Oola is awsome! 

Oola is awesome!

This is a shame. So I am reserecting it! This is partially due to not having the time to make a costume this year. I’m cheating, I know. (Mental note: Buy green body paint!) Phill is bouncing between Curry Man and Invader Zim for his costume. It will be weird if we are both green. It is unclear at the moment where we will be going on Halloween night, but we always find a place. Most likely The Wreckroom I think.

November 1st is Denise’s birthday, so the day after Halloween will be fun as well. We’ll drive out to Oshawa in the afternoon and celebrate.

It’s actually kind of nice to be able to plan out the rest of the month. I have fun to look forward to!

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A new blog, for a new time.

The wedding is over. We’ve been planning and saving for 2 years and now that it is all over with, many things will change. I caught the blog bug at and so I want to continue that, but, as I will have less and less wedding related things to say (yeah, right), I have moved over here. I also need to find some new hobbies. My crafting and creative outlets have all been wedding related for so long that I feel I need find entirely new outlets. I also no longer have to scrimp and save. Which is really nice. So I am hoping to indulge in my tattoo habit full force now. After my leg is finished this winter, I want to start my first sleeve in January. 

Much of life, however, will not change. My relationship will not change. If anything the wedding was a renewal of unspoken vows. And we will continue on as always, knowing that fate is a funny thing and that we were lucky enough to land on its good side. (We did have a pretty damned amazing wedding though!) I will go back to work Saturday and Phill is already back at school. The cats will continue to be the cats.

It also feels like a time for planning. We are already making plans for large events. We want to move, ASAP. We need more space. We are looking at driving across Canada to BC in the summer as a honeymoon. We desperately want a dog. I want a new job. 

It feels a little like New Years, so I am going to make a list of things I want to do in the next year:

1. Go to Faerie Con 2009

2. Get a Pug or a Frenchie

3. Hang out with my friends more.

4. Learn to knit better

5. Start my tattoo sleeves

6. Spend a lot of time camping next summer

7. Take more pictures

8. See the Orca in BC.

9. Take some classes

10. Eat more pie

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