What are you doing here?

No one has lived here for a very long time… but if you want to have a visit, go to:

Building A Frog

That’s home now.

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Ending and Beginning

So, it is the start of the new year… and as always, let’s start off by reviewing the “2011 Things I Want to do List”

1. Learn to spin my own yarn. (Nope… BUT my husband did!!! This plan has totally shifted and my husbands new found interest in spinning has made me want to leave this up to him. He is quite good at it, and I reap the benefits of hubby made handspun!)

2. Read all of the Charles De Lint  Newford series. (Nope, books were all still in boxes until November. )

3. Do more hiking.  We hiked our asses off starting in February!

4. Buy our dream house. We moved into our first home 10th, 2011! Huge, life altering amazing thing.

5. Not let the actions of others control my happiness. I worked pretty hard at this this year and I feel I made a lot of progress.

6. Can serious amounts of food from our own garden/further develop my canning skills. (Nope, but, we did not get our garden space until October so, I think it is understandable.

7. Knit a pair of socks. YES! Socks, done! See them HERE.

8. Get back into Bikram, twice a week minimum/get in shape. (Partial completion. I did a 40-day Bikram challenge and gave it my all last spring. Am I “in shape”? No. )

9. Adopt an animal from NWT SPCA. (inspired by Nicholle <3) (Sadly, no : (

10. Spend as much quality time as possible with my husband. We had an amazing year, and in particular the summer so packed full on one-on-one outdoor activities and we really got to spend a lot of quality time together.

Usually this is the part where I make my list for 2012. This year, I am not making one. I am not making one because it would be 100 things long. I have things I want to do coming out of my ears! This year I am just going to take everything as it comes and try to do as much that I want, as much as I am able.

That being said, this will be my last blog on Everyday Is Waiting for Halloween.

But it’s because my husband and I are starting a blog together, which will hopefully launch March 1, 2011. The blog will have many components, it will have much more informative and purposeful posts then this one does and hopefully people will actually want to read it.

Our new blog is called Building A Frog (I will insert a link when it launches.) Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • DIY projects
  • First house advice and questions
  • Knitting
  • Canning
  • Gardening
  • Home repair
  • Money saving ideas
  • Upcycling
  • Composting
  • Landscaping
  • Cooking
  • Thrifting
  • Baking
  • Recipes
  • Homesteading
  • Fishing
  • Sustainability
  • and our general ramblings and banter.

We hope to have guest posting from a variety of people who have some great information to share as well as some local focus and information. This si a new and exciting venture for us and we hope you will check it out once it it up.

Since I never did get around to doing a post on our new house, I am going to end off the blog with a picture of it.

Our little house on 1.04 acres of all ours.

Thanks to everyone who ever bothered to poke around in these rambling examples of my lifes goings on. It was fun : )

– Christie

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Neglected But Not Forgotten

I know I promised a proper recap blog months ago, but honestly I have not had the time. Life has been insane. I know I say that a lot but truly, I am not exaggerating this time. Here is how the Fall went…

School started the first week of September – School was WAY more time consuming then I anticipated. (Because why on earth would I assume that combining a 3 year program into 1 year would be excessive?)

Working – still working 24 hours, 2 – 12 hour overnights, every weekend.

October 4th – we closed on our first house : )

October 10th – My first “day off” since September 6th. We moved into our new house.

October 15, 16, 17 – Rhinebeck weekend and the end of my yarn fast!!!!! We had an AMAZING time and it was a much needed, if short, vacation.

November 27th – My last night of work. I just could not keep up with work and school together anymore. It was driving me into the ground.

November 30th – I met my bestest imaginary twin, Kathleen, for the first time in person, after knowing each other for 5 years. And I got to meet her amazing daughter Lyric.

December 16th – The semester was officially over and I was on Winter Break.


Since the 16th I have been cleaning, shopping, reading, crafting, knitting, visiting, sleeping, unpacking, decorating, baking, cooking, hiking, gaming, and making lots and lots of plans! One of my biggest plans has to do with blogging so look for that update soon. 

This was just a quick update, but hopefully it explained my absence. 

More to come soon… I promise!!! : P




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Unicorn Restyle (& I am, yet again, a terrible blogger.)

I need to write like 5 blogs, about various, very exciting things. And I will, but I can’t right now, so here is a quick post about a very simple restyle of a thrift store find : )

There is an amazing little country thrift store in Hartington, Ontario where everything is $5.00 for a garbage bag full. Today my husband and I managed to fill half a bag, that’s $2.50. I got an adorable and very useful teal canvas raincoat, a purse, some sandals, a book about gnomes for a special little boy and Phill got some old records. I also grabbed this…

Sticker said "Silver Plated, Made in China."

All unicorns have potential, even tarnished ones : ) So I grabbed my trusty spray paint and 2 coats of black and 1 coat of clear gloss later, our noble beast is so chic he can hardly stand it.

I love the enamel look of how this turned out.

This basically took about 10 minutes, including drying time and cost an estimated .50 cents. I think the clear gloss really gave it that extra boost to make it look like enamel. Now I need to go buy more stud earrings so he can have an abundance of bling!

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The Little Things: Promises To Keep

I was so excited when this book came out in trade paper back. (Previously it was only done in a HC limited edition and had to be purchased from the publisher.) And then when I bought it I was so excited to read it! But I waited for awhile because I wanted to savour it. Now I only have about 30 pages left and I am already mourning the loss. I love Charles De Lint and everything he writes but, oh man, do I ever love it when he writes about Jilly Coppercorn. I am already sad and I haven’t even finished it yet. I would read nothing but Jilly books if there were enough of them. I can’t wait to get our house so I can unpack all of my books and reread my De Lint books. I miss them. 

So I will finish this today and move on, begrudgingly. (And soon I will update about all the things that have been keeping me too busy to blog, like house hunting (YAY!), camping, visiting with friends and all kinds of other excuses.)

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The Little Things: My husband’s container garden

I am not much of a gardener. I like tending them, and eating from them, but I am not so good with the planting and getting things to live part. My husband, on the other hand, is wonderful at it. Due to our current small space, this year he is doing container gardening only. And it already looks so nice. I am in love with the coffee can herbs! What a great upcycling idea.

Herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers and beans.


Mint, thyme, chives, parsley & cilantro

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A hiking we will go!

Not much going on right now, just the same ol’ same ol’. We have had some great hiking days and some time at the cottage, but we are really looking forward to next month when the camping craze will begin.

We has a GREAT time hiking at Charleston Lake Provincial Park a few weeks ago and scouted out the yurts and the camp sites… and of course went right home and booked a few nights. We now have 2 camping trips planned for June. YAY!!!!

Anyways, here are a few pictures from our hike:

We have had a very wet Spring. All the lakes are high and there is running water everywhere.


All this rain means lots of beautiful green things are sprouting up.


Phill loves raptors. He was very excited to find this hawk feather on our hike. We also saw 3 Golden Eagles hunting low on some updrafts that day. Very cool.


There are a lot of really amazing geological formations in this park.


The beavers must have gone for a coffee break : )

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